Civil Construction & Grading

At Fortress Development Solutions, we're here to support your construction and oil and gas needs through our civil construction and grading services. From grading and sloping to preparing the sub base and pad, we take every step to ensure the construction process is streamlined and precise.

  • Road construction
  • Pad construction
  • Storm Water Management

Many construction site projects begin with pad building. When building a pad, we compact the dirt to lay a solid foundation for your construction projects. Finding a trustworthy company is very important to guarantee level and sturdy pad development. Our team has over a dozen years of pad development for the construction and oil and gas industry.

Grading is crucial to your construction site and we're here to make sure every project is leveled and ready for construction. Whether you're looking to build a road, or prep a site, we're here to get the job done quickly. To get a quote, or learn more about all our construction services, contact us today.

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