Fortress Development Solutions Construction Development Team.

We’re excited to announce our latest employee spotlight and give you a behind-the-scenes look at our Plug and Abandonment Division, or as we call it, our P&A Division. Meet Jacob Posada! We’re proud to call him our Crew Supervisor and love seeing the work our P&A Division has accomplished this year. Jacob has been in the construction industry for over 6 years and has grown to a leadership role within the company. We sat down and got to know what drives him and what he enjoys most about working for the Fortress Development Solutions team. 

Jacob supervises a crew in the P&A division where they remove facilities, flowlines, and cut and cap wellheads. He’s in charge of scheduling equipment and making sure daily operations are done safely and efficiently. This is something that’s very important for every aspect of the business. We take safety seriously and love seeing our team making safe decisions on the job. Since the beginning of 2021his team has removed many flowlines, cut and caps, and facilities.  

The Fortress Development Solutions P&A Division on the latest construction development project.

We asked what a typical day looks like in his division. He said, “A typical day for me is arriving at the location, assessing hazards, filling out JSA, going over JSA with everyone on location, starting job tasks for the day, finish job tasks, and start planning for the next day.” When planning for the following day Jacob makes sure to schedule necessary equipment and personnel to get the job done. He understands the importance of planning ahead for construction projects. “Planning helps me manage time and employees to reach goals safely and efficiently. Planning is crucial in daily operations.”

The Fortress Development Solutions team on their latest construction development site.

When asked about his leadership motivations, and what drives him, Jacob replied, “Being a leader helps me, guide crew, to stay focused and finish job task without delays.” Not only is Jacob a leader at work he leads in his personal life as well. In his free time, Jacob likes to play soccer with family and friends. Thanks for your hard work and dedication to the Fortress Development Solutions team.