Spring into 2022 with health. The Fortress Development Solutions team is putting on a health and fitness challenge to get employees to focus on their health this year. The challenge will go for 8 weeks, from January 31st  to March 28th. Safety and health go hand in hand on construction sites. From staying hydrated to stretching, there are many small steps you can make to keep your construction sites safe. 

Our team is committing to health in 2022 by kicking off a health and fitness challenge. Whether you’re looking to make small changes to your health or larger overall lifestyle changes, we have put together a few challenge options to choose from. Employees can track their progress and winners will be voted on by Owner and Division Managers. Check-in on payday at the Service Center with progress or check-in during tailgate meetings. Winners will get a cash prize! Below are a few of the challenges you can choose from. Pick a goal, or several, and let’s get healthy together!

•    Stop or reduce tobacco use
•    1 gallon of water intake/day
•    Calisthenics – reach your toes, stretching to reduce pain and risk of injury, try a new class 
•    Largest gain in weightlifting
•    7500 steps/day
•    20 minutes exercise/day
•    Reduce daily caloric intake by 200 and show total weight loss
•    Al a Carte Goal
•    Before and after to show results of completing several  challenges together

There are many things your business can incorporate to keep your employees safe. From staying hydrated to changing up eating habits, there are steps small and large you can take towards a healthier workplace. Below are a few things your employees can do to reduce injury on the job.

•    Stretching
•    Staying hydrated
•    Exercise
•    Eating healthy
•    Rest
Stretching for just a few minutes before work is one of the best ways to reduce the risk of injuries. Cold joints, tendons, and muscles are more likely to get strained, and stretching gets our team warmed up and ready to work safely. 

Hydration is key when performing a physically demanding job like construction. Have water stations available for your team at each site to prevent dehydration or heat exhaustion. Even in the wintertime hydration is very important. 

Staying active with exercise is another great way to stay healthy and prevent injury. Exercising will increase your muscular endurance on a job site, and increase your work capacity on the job. It’s also important to listen to your body and rest when needed. Getting good sleep after a workout will help your muscles rest and help keep you on track for your exercise goals. Here are a few exercises that are great for our line of work.  

•    Push up / press – moving equipment in place
•    Squat –                   picking up a bag of concrete
•    Deadlift –                picking up materials
•    Row –                      picking up a toolbox or material
•    Overhead Pres –   installing materials overhead
•    Step-Ups –            climbing ladders
•    Pull up –                 compound exercise to build overall upper-body strength

When you work in a physically demanding job like construction, you’re constantly burning calories. Finding healthy ways to make sure you’re eating the right amount of food can help you stay fit and prevent that sluggish after-lunch feeling. Try developing a meal plan that works for you and never skip breakfast. Most construction workers are on the construction site from before sunrise till sunset. Making sure you have healthy snacks on hand can help keep you fueled for the day. 

Let us know how you’re getting healthy on your construction sites. Tag us on your progress updates so we can all help each other stay accountable. Use #FortressFitnessChallenge