LWM Washout In Greeley Colorado. Truckers Can Enjoy A Quick Truck Wash While Relaxing In Our Drivers Lounge.

If you’re a truck driver we have great news! The LWM Washout is a local Greeley truck washout that is here to serve the trucking community for all your truck cleaning needs. LWM Washout not only offers truck cleaning, detailing and power washing but also features a drivers lounge for guests to relax in while their truck is being worked on. Many Fortress Development Solutions trucks are cleaned and maintained at LWM Washout and we love the quick and friendly service we receive every time. 

LWM Washout Where Truckers In The Northern Colorado Area Can Have Their Trucks Cleaned.

Our washout offers many cleaning services to meet the needs of the trucking community. Whether you’re getting ready for a long haul trip or just finishing up a shift, our team is here to get your ride ready for the road. 
Truck Wash:
•    Cattle Trailers
•    Stock/horse trailers
•    Tankers
•    Grain/hopper trailers
•    Reefer trailers
Inside Truck Wash Bay:
•    Hot Soap Presses
•    Citric Acid Washes
•    Aluminum Brightener Washes
•    Hotsy Washes
Washout Amenities for customers:
•    Drivers Lounge
•    Couches
•    TV
•    Coffee
•    Microwave
•    Washer/dryer
•    Bathroom
•    Hot showers
•    Soda machine

When you stop by LWM Washout our friendly team will be there waiting to service your trucks. Stop in and get your truck shining and back on the road today!

LWM Washout Offers Many Truck Cleaning and Detailing Services.