Covid has changed the way many businesses operate and function. At Fortress Development Solutions, we’ve learned to pivot and adapt to the changing rules and regulations. Working in construction development and oil and gas means we’re constantly having employees come in from different locations to work on open-air sites. We’ve implemented new safety procedures for anyone visiting our construction sites with temperature checks, trace mapping, and requiring masks for all visitors. Through these steps, we’ve had zero positive covid cases on our sites or home office, and our crew has been safe throughout the entire process.

When you’re going from site to site every day the process can be daunting. How does this change the day to day for our employees? Follow along as we spend a day on one of our construction sites during covid.

With safety always being a top priority for our employees and clients, we’ve had measures in place for years to keep our employees safe. With daily, weekly, and monthly safety procedures, we’ve been able to avoid injury on the job and maintained our timeline goals in the process. Covid was another beast. How would we protect our employees and ensure a safe work environment while still maintaining our highest standard of performance? Through checkpoints, security, and safety supplies we were able to avoid a Covid outbreak.

Before stepping onto a job site our employees are asked that if they aren’t feeling well, have a fever, or any COVID symptoms, that they stay home. If someone has symptoms they are asked to get a COVID test and show the results before returning to work.

When our employees arrive to enter the site, we perform a job safety analysis. They will prescreen, fill out paperwork, get a temperature check, and make sure they’re wearing masks and have sanitization. If they’re driving to other locations they’re only allowed to have two employees per car and one will sit in the back of the car for distancing.

While at the site all employees are encouraged to continue social distancing. We have clean porta potties that are also equipped with a sanitization station. We also encourage our employees to keep socially distanced at the site.

Through everything, we’ve managed to keep our employees safe and happy. We sat down with some of our employees to hear their thoughts on our response to Covid and how they’re feeling since we’ve implemented these new safety measures. Here is what they had to say:

Julian said, “With the social distancing, masks and clean porta potties and hand sanitizer, I feel safe about it.”

Rick said “It’s helping us all in the long run. They’ve done a great job.”

Pablo agrees “We’re safe because we’re following the rules. Fortress has shown me how to be safe.”

We’re very thankful for our employees and their diligent efforts to avoid the spread of covid. We know our employees are looking forward to having things go back to normal but in the meantime, we’re glad they’re all safe.