Fortress Development Solutions Construction Development Reclamation Team.

Our team is growing and we’re excited to welcome Kate and Brent to our team as Division Managers! We had the opportunity to visit some of Kate’s recent reclamation projects. We saw the progress and process of some of the plug and abandonment, road building, pad building, and other projects. Through our ecological approach, and hands on project management, you will love partnering with our team on your next construction development project.  

Our Reclamation team is prepping the soil for our latest pad build. Trust Fortress Development Solutions for your construction development needs.

We wanted to show you a behind the scenes look at what it’s like to partner with Fortress Development Solutions. Kate answered a few questions to show what you can expect from your next construction development project. We also wanted to highlight some of the recent projects her team has been working on. Check out all the updates below. 

Fortress Development Solutions Construction Development Team. Our Heavy Equipment Operators Tackle Every Job With Precision And Dedication.

Q: When beginning a new project what things do you factor in first for your team? 
A: We choose a team based on experience, passion, and willingness to learn about proper reclamation techniques for a successful result. Dedication to quality operations, technical oversight and safety culture is a must.  

Q: How do you help clients see the bigger picture when it comes to their business goals?  
A: We plan and implement comprehensive reclamation practices by understanding ecological principles and functions.  We work with the client to ensure budgeting goals are met for capital or operating expenses for the life of the project. By providing advanced concepts and reclamation standards, the client can maintain regulatory compliance.  We take pride in environmental and land stewardship to uphold the client’s social license to operate.  

Q: What about the plug and abandonment project? 
A: By reclaiming plug and abandoned locations, we are reducing the footprint of operations to allow for new, more consolidated development. This program has gone 5 years incident free!   

Q: What are some environmental factors you consider when planning a construction development project? 
A: Livestock, agriculture, wildlife, and erosion control for soil stabilization and to uphold water quality. Establishing healthy vegetation and improving soil quality increases the function of the carbon cycle, which in turn positively contributes to climate change goals. 

Q: How does your team collaborate to piece together all the moving parts of your projects?  
A: Clear and concise communication within the team is important, as well as collaboration with other divisions to effectively use resources. As a team, we mentor less experienced members and watch out for one another, so everyone goes home safely. Transparency and close communication with the client ensures a successful outcome.   

Q: What would you like to see your team do in the future?  
A: Partner with operators and other contractors in Northern Colorado and Southern Wyoming to provide educational opportunities and outreach regarding environmental and reclamation topics. Offer opportunities for youth and the community to learn about the positive contribution of our operations, the environment and agriculture in Colorado.

Fortress Development Solutions Reclamation Team Is Prepping The Soil And Leveling The Land For This Pad Build.

If your business has reclamation or any kind of construction development needs, our team is here to help. With over a dozen years of experience in the industry, we’re your trusted construction development partner. Get a quote today!