Engineering and Design Services

Engineering and Design Services

Fortress Development Solutions excels in delivering comprehensive engineering and design services tailored to the oil and gas industry,as well as commercial and industrial applications. Our experienced team is dedicated to providing innovative, efficient, and sustainable solutions to meet your project's unique needs.

Key Services

Civil - Structural

  • Roadway Design and Grading Plans: We develop efficient roadway designs that ensure safety, sustainability, and optimal traffic flow.

  • Our grading plans address elevation changes and surface water management.

  • Site Design and Grading Plans: We create comprehensive site layouts that maximize land use efficiency and ensure proper drainage. Our detailed grading plans address elevation changes and surface water management to create stable and buildable sites tailored to your project's specific needs.

  • Field Re-Contour Designs: We implement effective re-contour strategies that reshape the land for better utility and aesthetic appeal, ensuring compliance with environmental standards.

  • Structural Design and Fabrication Drawings: We provide detailed structural designs and fabrication drawings that ensure the integrity and reliability of your construction projects, from foundations to complex structures.

    Energy - Oil and Gas

  • Upstream/Midstream Facility and Pipeline Design: We design state-of-the-art facilities and pipelines that enhance operations efficiency and safety across upstream and midstream operations.     * Pipeline Hydraulics and Alignment Sheets: We ensure optimal pipeline performance with detailed hydraulic analysis and precise alignment sheets for accurate installation and maintenance.

  • Process Engineering and Facility Control: We optimize your facilities with advanced process engineering and control solutions, improving efficiency and safety Reclamation Notice Submittals: We prepare thorough reclamation notice submittals to meet regulatory requirements and ensure environmentally responsible project closures.

  • Process Hazard Analysis and PSSR: We conduct comprehensive processhazard analyses and pre-startup safety reviews to identify andmitigate potential risks, ensuring safe operations.

  • Facility Optimization: We enhance the efficiency and performance of your facilities through targeted optimization strategies that reduce costs and improve output.

  • ASME Sec VIII Separation Equipment Design: We design separation equipment in compliance with ASME Section VIII, Div 2, ensuring safe and efficient processing of crude products.

  • API 12F Tank Designs: We create tank designs that meet API 12F and modified standards, providing reliable and compliant storagesolutions.

    Site Layout and Staking

  • Rough Construction Staking: We accurately stake rough construction areas to ensure project alignment and adherence to design specifications.    

  • ROW and Alignment Staking: We ensure right-of-way and alignment accuracy for your projects, facilitating smooth construction processes.

  • Control Point Verification: We verify control points using NGS and state monuments for precise positioning and consistency across your project site.

    CAD and Drafting (In-House)

  • 3D Facility Models and Material Take-Offs: We create detailed 3D models and material lists for project planning, enhancing visualization and material management.

  • Isometric and Orthographic Drawings: We provide comprehensive isometric and orthographic drawings for accurate project execution and documentation.

  • Weld Map Isometrics with Weld Logs: We document welds accurately with detailed isometric maps and logs, ensuring quality and traceability.

  • Grading Plans and Alignment Sheets: We develop precise grading plans and alignment sheets that facilitate accurate construction and site preparation. Aggregate Material Volumes: We calculate and manage aggregate material volumes effectively, ensuring efficient resource allocation and project planning.

  • Drainage Plans and Hydrology Reports: We design efficient drainage systems and prepare thorough hydrology reports to manage water flow and prevent erosion.

    Our comprehensive approach ensures that all aspects of your project are expertly managed, from initial design through to final implementation, delivering superior quality and performance.  

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