Hydrovac Operator

Job Description
Our company is currently seeking an experienced and motivated Hydrovac Operator to join our team. The Hydrovac Operator is involved in all facets of the successful completion of hydro excavation projects.

CDL A/B Drivers should have basic knowledge of the operation as it relates to their truck, trailer, and equipment. The driver should be receptive to guidance as well as training and mentorship by the supervisor. Like supervisors, drivers shall be respectful of his supervisors and co-workers and will be required to show up on time and prepared to work.

In all tasks, the individual will be required to set safety as the priority and apply those principles personally and to their respective team members.

****rotating on-call weekends****

DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Duties include, but are not limited to:

Lead by example.
Perform debris removal, slot trenching, daylighting, and digging.
Set up and inspect grounding and/or bonding procedures for Hydrovac operation.
Operate Hydrovac trucks and equipment in a safe and professional manner.
Ensure all Hydrovac truck equipment and components are always in good working condition.
Ensure proper function by performing pre and post-trip inspections and general housekeeping.
Maintain and use appropriate personal protective equipment.
Enforce stop-work authority.
Safely work in all-weather environments
Enforce and abide by company safety policies and procedures at any given location.
Ability to operate power washer.
Perform your assigned tasks safely and efficiently.
Understand the basics of equipment operation.
Perform potholing, trenching, locating, and or cleaning collecting the material.
Pulls hose(s) from the hose tray and connects one end to the truck and puts the other end into the pit or connects to a tank to extract fluid and material.
Monitors the amount of fluid extracted and the amount of fluid the vacuum truck is lawfully allowed to haul, and other situations presented by the site or the customer.
Uses hand tools and other equipment associated with the vehicle.
Performs and assumes other duties and responsibilities as may be required by immediate supervisor.
Complete company paperwork accurately and timely
Flexibility to work with other company divisions.
Other duties as assigned


Communicate with supervisor via radio/phone regarding location, loads and hours worked.
Communicate with business partners in a respectful and professional manner.
Be proficient with truck, trailer, and equipment being operated.
Ensure truck, trailer and equipment is in proper working order prior to departure.
General cleanup of truck, trailer, and equipment on daily basis
Attend all safety or company meetings.
Work in all-weather environments

Follow outlined metric for establishing individual growth and promotion opportunity.

Follow all HSE performance and cultural initiatives.
Keep copies of training certifications and work with supervisor to assist him to schedule to avoid a lapse in your certifications.
Perform assigned tasks safely and efficiently.
Be respectful of team members. Your role deserves respect, but you must be worthy by working hard and keeping your team safe.
Be punctual and prepared for the day. The crew will not wait for a “no-show.”
Freely communicate your input to supervision on each job but do so respectfully.
Report all accidents, incidents, near-misses, and safety violations to your supervisor immediately.
Show knowledge of safety policies.
Show initiative in improving current standard operating procedures, safety rules, company policies or any observed inefficiencies.
Job Type: Full-time

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In compliance with all Federal and State equal employment opportunity laws, qualified applicants are considered for all positions without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, marital status, disability, veteran status, or any  other protected group status.

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